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Giulianna Santos
15 Dec 2016

Brazilians are among the most engaged customers in the world

connected customer

A recent study, conducted by Affinion’s research with Oxford Brookes University, showed the customers who are closest and most connected to brands. According to the document “The Connected Customer”, the Brazilian customer is the second most engaged in the world, remaining faithful, connected and close to their brands of desire.

The research interviewed over 18,000 people in 12 different countries and mapped the factors that influence the long-term relationship of a customer with a brand. The industries analyzed included retail, banking, and telecommunications sectors.

Besides Brazil, Turkey, and the United States are also given a high rate of engagement, above the global average. Brazil reached a “customer engagement” score of 70 in the study, while the world average is 66. Countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Finland are less engaged, with average scores between 58 and 60. The customer engagement score uses drives such as interest, experience, evaluation and loyalty.

Janine Dermody, professor in Marketing & Consumer Psychology at Oxford Brookes University commented on the University website: “The relationship between a brand and its customers is complex, involving both emotional and rational thought processes that cover everything from attitudes and experiences, to trust, satisfaction, and behavioral action.

The fact that Brazil and Turkey consistently exceed the global metrics across all three industries, points towards the increasing presence and importance of emerging markets and their impact on global economic growth,” she said.

The retail sector has more volatile consumers, who demand constant innovations and overruns on the part of the brand to remain faithful. On the other hand, the telecommunications and banking sectors, demanding more of the customer’s life and participating in it, practically every day, tend to see more stable customers.

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