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Giulianna Santos

Digital Marketer and Content Marketing Specialist

Hi! And welcome to my personal website! My name is Giulianna Santos, and I am a digital marketer focused on creating content that converts and engages. I can also help your company to build a solid content marketing or digital marketing strategy. During my eight years of experience, I have helped over a dozen companies to create valuable relationships with their customers and audience.

I have always loved to write. Hence I graduated in journalism. During the eight years of my career, I was always pursuing opportunities to write content for the web. And here is the point behind this: working as a digital marketer allows me to both inform and do marketing through my content. And the cherry on top is that digital marketing and content marketing strategies can be measured in real time, unlike printed content in newspapers, magazines or even on television.

As a professional, I am a very communicative and outgoing person, and interpersonal relationships are not difficult for me. My personality is dynamic and proactive, and I have a tendency to feel safe when I take important decisions because I work carefully and base my decisions both on feelings and logical thinking. Although I am an active person, the core of my character is calm and peaceful, which can be considered an asset when dealing with stressful situations and tight deadlines.